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Norkirken Kongsberg

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God’s love to everyone

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About us

God’s love to all

Here you can read more about what we stand for and our visions and values.

Hi 👋

Welcome home!

We are an active congregation associated with Normisjon, which is a free and independent movement. Kongsberg is blessed with permanent residents and visitors from all over the world, and we are happy to be part of a living congregation, where everyone comes as they are to seek and worship God.

Here there are people of all ages, experienced and inexperienced, outgoing and introvert, exuberant and quiet, happy and sad, singles, couples, families and teenagers, widows, widowers, and divorced. We have backgrounds from different denominations. We meet as brothers and sisters in Christ, with our eyes on Him and open to the gifts and messages of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone who comes will experience being seen and welcomed. Our vision is «God’s love to everyone» We want everyone to experience God’s love and become a follower of Jesus.

Join us!

In Norkirken there is an opportunity to join a small group, serve the church, and support the work financially. We believe this helps to create a special sense of belonging as well as a wonderful and varied community in the congregation. Join us because we need your talents and gifts!

Our values

Our value base is:

Closeness to God and people

Creativity and diversity

Servanthood and care

Faithfulness to God’s word and prayer

More than a visitor?

Become a member

Contact Pastor Helge Skaaheim if you would like to know more about the congregation and what it means to become a member. He can inform you and set up a membership course.