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Every Sunday at 11 am.

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The small groups are a place to share life and make friends.

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God’s love to everyone

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God’s love to all

Welcome to Norkirken Kongsberg!

We at Norkirken Kongsberg welcome all young and old, members and guests to our congregation. Norkirken is a congregation with a lot of life, and there is rarely a day without something happening. On the website you can find out more about what you can become a part of. You are warmly welcome!


Here are something for everyone!

Children's ministry

We have Sunday school and KnøtteKRIK.

Sunday Services

Every Sunday there is a service at 11 am.

Youth ministry

The Basement is our youth ministry.

Small groups

Share your everyday life with others.


Weekly prayer hour and morning prayer.

Women's Bible study

We gather for the sake of missions.

Hi 👋

Here you will be seen and welcomed

We are an active congregation associated with Normisjon, which is a free and independent movement. Kongsberg is blessed with permanent residents and visitors from all over the world, and we are happy to be part of a living congregation, where everyone comes as they are to seek and worship God.

Here there are people of all ages, experienced and inexperienced, outgoing and introverted, exuberant and quiet, happy and sad, singles, couples, families and teenagers, widows, widowers, and divorced. We have backgrounds from different denominations, and we meet as the siblings in Christ we are, with our eyes on Him and open to the gifts and messages of the Holy Spirit.

Our vision is «God’s love to all». We want everyone to experience God’s love and become a follower of Jesus.

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Serving in the congregation is a natural part of belonging to a church because Jesus calls us to serve Him.


We have different worship teams with a wonderful variety of styles and types of worship.


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Sound technician

The worship team or the sermon would not have been the same without a good sound technician.


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Sundays would not have been the same without the passionate people in the kitchen!


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The deaconry visits the sick in the congregation, drives people to church services, etc.


Norkirken is an international congregation and during the sermon there is a great need for translation of the speech from Norwegian to English.

New in Norkirken?

Can we help you?

We want you to experience being seen and welcomed by us. Contact Pastor Helge Skaaheim if you have any questions.