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Serving in the church

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Serving is for many a natural part of belonging to a church because Jesus calls us to serve Him. Through serving, one can use one’s spiritual gifts, contribute to the community, and form even closer ties with others in the congregation. Norkirken wants to help you find your spiritual gifts and a way of serving that suits you.

In Norkirken, you are free to try out different ways of serving. Below you will find an overview of the ministries in our congregation. Contact the pastor or ministry leader for more information about these ministries.


In Norkirken Kongsberg, we have different worship teams that are made up of diverse people, creating a wonderful variety of styles and types of worship. We believe in a variety of good old hymns, newer worship songs, and children’s songs.

Each worship team has a leader, some singers, and some musicians. The teams are coordinated by our worship director Mary Anette Skaaheim.

Would you like to serve in a worship team?

Contact Mary Anette at maryanette@skaaheim.com or tel. 902 94 701.

Sound technician

The sound technicians are serving in the background and may seem less important than those on stage. But the worship team or the sermon would not have been the same without a good sound technician!

If you join this ministry you will be trained in Easy Worship and rigging of sound equipment.

We need more sound technicians and if you think you might be willing to help, you can contact Tor Håkon Gjerde on tel. 415 59 773.


Norkirken is an international congregation and during the sermon, there is a great need for translating the sermon from Norwegian to English. We have acquired headphones that connect to a microphone.

As a translator, you will sit at the back of the room and translate the sermon from there. This ministry means a lot to all those who do not speak Norwegian who come to our congregation and are hungry for God’s word. Could this be for you?

Contact Jens-Boye Hauge on tel. 980 56 505.

Sunday school

We have different types of Sunday schools. Giragaffen, which is for 3 years to 3rd grade and Veksthuset, which is for 4th to 7th grade.

Both of these ministries need leaders who can be role models in both faith and deeds for the children who come. Adults who can see them, play with them and tell them about Jesus. Could this be you?

Contact Kari Opsahl on tel. 922 08 398.


Intercession includes a variety of forms.  Here it is everything from being responsible for the congregation’s intercession, where you lead the entire congregation in intercession, to being responsible for praying for individuals during the service. During the service, we have a row open for people in the congregation to come and be prayed for by an intercessor.

Is prayer and intercession something you are passionate about and is this a service you would like to join, contact Michael Tönnis on tel. 957 01 903.


Deaconry includes visiting the sick in the congregation, driving people to church, cutting the grass, buying flowers, etc. This is an important ministry that is much appreciated and the congregation would not function without it. There are many different ways you can contribute, and it is up to you how much time and effort you want to dedicate.

Ingvald Løvdal is the contact person for the deaconry, if you would like to get involved, contact him on tel. 905 49 081.

Youth ministry

Adolescence is a time of much confusion, and a time when many seek confirmation of who they are, role models they can look up to and follow. And in this particular time, it is incredibly important to have good and healthy Christian role models, at all ages. In Norkirken Kongsberg, we have started various activities that we believe are important for the young people in our town, some of the work is interdenominational, which we are happy about because together we are stronger. Are you interested in youth work? Or could you imagine being a youth leader?

Contact our Youth direction Silje Elisabeth Dammann on tel. 902 32 322.


Sundays would not have been the same without the passionate people in the kitchen! Would you like to help out or contribute with a cake? Contact Kirsten Lid on tel. 994 57 273.


The hosts help with practical preparations before the service, and greet you at the door. On Saturday evening, they check that the chairs are set out and that the equipment for communion is put in place. We need more helpers, contact Ingvald Løvdal on tel. 905 49 081.


We have a separate group that decorates with flowers and candles every Sunday and before the big holidays such as Advent, Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. There is a need for more participants for decorating so that each person can serve around once a month.

Talk with Helge (tel. 932 30 470) or Ingvald (tel. 905 49 081) if you would like to help.