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The small groups are a place to share life and make friends.

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Small groups

There is an idiom that says «A dear child has many names». Our small groups are mostly equivalent to other churches’ cell groups, Bible study groups or life groups.

About our small groups

We are called to community – with God and with each other. Small groups are a place to get to know others and make new friends. A place to give thanks, praise, pray, and read the Bible together. It is a place to ask questions, and to share faith, doubts, challenges, and joys. In short, small groups are where you can share your everyday life with others – and where Jesus is the center of our gatherings. We are a diverse congregation, and that is reflected in our small groups. The structure and format of the meetings vary, with most groups consisting of five to eight people who meet regularly in each other’s homes, either weekly or every other week. The meetings often start with food and casual conversations. Then, we read a Bible passage together, discuss it, and finally pray for and with each other. If you are part of a small group, it is completely okay to just listen. Building a strong community, where everyone feels safe with one another, takes time, and no one should feel pressured to participate in conversation or prayer unless they want to. Small groups are where you, whether you do not believe yourself but are curious about what the Christian faith is about, can ask countless questions. It is the place where you, who have just accepted Jesus, can learn more and grow in your faith. And it is the community that inspires and builds up those who have been following Jesus for many years. Everyone who desires such a community is welcome, regardless of whether you consider Norkirken Kongsberg your congregation or not.


Kristina Uttgård

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