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God’s love to all


Norkirken Kongsberg receives no public support and is supported through gifts. We also believe it is a blessing to give. The donation that we receive goes towards our work in Kongsberg and our mission project Asiabasen. 10% of all gifts are sent to the mission project.

If you want to start giving regularly to Norkirken Kongsberg, you can fill in this form. Then you can get a tax deduction on your gifts.

If you have questions or want to fill in on paper, contact Ingvald Løvdal on mobile 905 49 081 or email ingvald.loevdal@ebnett.no.

Otherwise, you can give directly to our gift account number: 2291.64.16672 or Vipps: 12343

If you want to change the amount of your regular giving, you can go to https://www.normisjon.no/ 

Press Menu at the top right. Click on «Min Side» at the bottom right.
Log in with your mobile number and password.

If you have forgotten your password, press «Send SMS med nytt passord» («Send SMS with new password.»).

When you have logged in, you will see a page with a menu on the left. Press «Min givertjeneste» («My giving»). Press «Endre» («Change»). Enter the new amount and press «Lagre endring» («Save changes»). Then the regular amount has been changed. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact Ingvald Løvdal for help.

To donate money to help children, young people and families with special needs, use account number: 2291.18.79577 or Vipps: 737534

We thank you for your gifts!