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Sunday School, KnøtteKRIK and Gaming Club

It is Sunday school during the Sunday service in Norkirken Kongsberg every other Sunday at 11:00 am. The Sunday School has two groups. Giragaffen is for those aged 3 to 3rd grade (children under 3 accompanied by an adult). Veksthuset Sunday school is for those from 4th to 7th grade.


• KnøtteKRIK

KnøtteKRIK is sports games and activities for children under school age accompanied by an adult. KnøtteKRIK is organized every other Thursday at 17-18 pm. Dinner parties are also arranged in between. Follow KnøtteKRIK’s Facebook page to get updated information. Contact Martine Kvalbein, tel. 476 39 212.

Veksthuset Sunday School•

Every second week during the Sunday service, the 4th-7th graders gather at the Veksthuset downstairs at Bethania at 11:00 am. We have a separate program where we watch a short film clip which we talk about afterwards. There are also games and competitions. In between there are movie nights or activity days for Veksthuset. The contact person is Khaliun Undrakh Lid, tel. 986 47 607.



• Giragaffen Sunday School

Giragaffen is for those aged 3 to 3rd grade (children under 3 accompanied by an adult). We start together with the adults, and go out together during the Giragaffen song. The children hear a Bible story, we sing, light candles, and have activities and snack time. We use material from Sprell Levende, the Norwegian Sunday School Assosiation. Welcome to Giragaffen, we look forward to meeting you! Contact person is Kari Opsahl, tel. 922 08 398.

4GG Gaming Club•

4GG Kongsberg is a gaming club associated with Norkirken Kongsberg and ACTA – children and young people in Normisjon. 4GG stands for Good God, Good Gaming, Good Guys, and Good Grins. The purpose of 4GG is to create a safe framework around gaming, with the Bible as an inspiration to create a positive environment! Contact person is Pastor Helge Skaaheim tel. 932 30 470.