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Norkirken Kongsberg has confirmation classes in collaboration with Betania. The program is called TenTro.

About TenTro

Tentro is a free church confirmation alternative that is suitable for everyone. The only requirement is that you start in the 9th grade and/or turn 15 during the confirmation year. Neither baptism, membership in a congregation/church nor that you call yourself a Christian is required.

The Tentro program has a clear Christian profile, and there will be Christian leaders from Bethania and Norkirken (all of whom have submitted a non-criminal record). You are most welcome to a year with Tentro classes, no matter who you are. You do not need to belong to a Christian context or be used to going to church. We are a group of positive leaders who look forward to getting to know you and listening to your thoughts and questions.

The keywords for Tentro are EXPERIENCE, DISCOVER and MISSION. We will take hold of your everyday life and your reality, and link this to faith. You will learn about Jesus, get to know God and perhaps be surprised at how relevant the Bible is today.


Pastor Helge Skaaheim


932 30 470